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Designing The Future Of Healthcare

Hewson (life.co) was a New York City based health tech startup building a new individualized healthcare system.

Looking for a name that could personify healthcare, research led to the father of modern hematology, William Hewson. The core values he stood for, brilliance and innovation, were early inspirations for the brand.

The wordmark uses the Swiss typeface GT Haptik, with slight modifications to the letter forms. The aspiration is timelessness and simplicity, through a strong and sophisticated minimal aesthetic.  
The hexagon glyph underscores multiple meanings. Scientifically it’s a shape that creates the structural integrity within blood. It’s also representative of an exponent, which ultimately is the belief and the promotion of truth. Lastly, the hexagon is a molecular symbol that represents Hewson’s role as a guide, giving proactive and empowered meaning to an individual’s personal health. 

The A.I. driven iOS app is a health assistant that unlocks access to current health status, test results, medical history, doctor and care provider network and food and wellness services through a conversational interface.

The provider app (web iPad & iOS mobile companion) gives doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers and other service providers on the Hewson network, the ability to directly connect with the user.

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