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Making The World Of Crypto Friendlier

Gem is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency and blockchain brands in the world – with a mission to empower people so that they can take control of their finances, in a world driven by a token economy.

*detailed product design, wireframes, and prototypes available on request

As the company’s Creative Director, I led the brand refresh, strategy, positioning and product design of both consumer app (Gem) and enterprise blockchain platform (GemOS).
Distilling a nascent space of technical complexity to experiential simplicity. Every decision across each brand touchpoint was meant to amplify approachability, clarity, empowerment, and ultimately delight.

On-ramps included an initial portfolio tracker which would later evolve into more complexity by allowing for transactions through a non-custodial wallet, and the world of NFTs - rare, digital collectibles.
The design work, specifically the UI and UX of the consumer app continues to be championed across both App (4.9) and Play (4.7) Stores. Our brand presence prior to launch at one of the largest crypto/blockchain conferences, Consensus, was met with excitement and praise and even called “one of the coolest blockchain startups” by PCMag

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