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From Ingredient Brand To Icon

Coffee Flour™ is a new ingredient brand developed by former Starbucks executives. Launched in 2015, I helped the ingredient brand become an icon of social, environmental and economic innovation.

Former Starbucks Executives and Growth Accelerator DCX initially reached out to develop a video prototype. They hoped that it would be a tool to facilitate education, conversation and fundraising efforts for their newly developed ingredient brand Coffee Flour™. Early on, it became a clear opportunity to strategically build the brand from scratch and treat the video prototype as one of the brand’s touchpoints vs. being a standalone communication tool.
Impact and approachability was achieved by juxtaposing a clean wordmark and icon, friendly, natural and earthy color tones with a bespoke, heavily textured illustrative approach. This allowed for the brand to constantly evoke the brand ethos and strategy of being a new global impact food. 
Coffee Flour™ secured their first round of funding and over the years, the product amassed over 500m media impressions. It has been a featured partner at TED ‘15/’16, The 2015 World Bank ‘Future of Food’, and The 2015 U.N. ‘Sustainable Development Summit’. After only a year of being commercially available, it’s now in Google campuses globally, Sprouts supermarkets nationally, countless food companies and restaurants internationally, and used daily by innovative chefs such as Dan Barber, Dominique Ansel, and Jason Wilson.

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